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Playroom Re-Fresh: From Drab to Fab

This playroom re-fresh has been on my mind for a while now, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to tackle it, but now that it is finished I am so glad we did.

Side note…how lucky are kids these days (Wow that dates me)!

They get their own playroom? I don’t know about you, but my brother and I had a “play closet” aka the downstairs coat closet that housed our toys.

Now here I am with a very lucky (ok spoiled) little three-year-old boy who has his own room to house his very extensive collection of toys. This guy over here. Should have changed it to mama’s office! Oh well too late!

Priority #1 on the list: Get rid of the hideous curtains we put up when we first moved in. They were way too dark, way too short and they had to go. So out with the old and in with the new gorgeous sheer curtains that were actually long enough! Please, please, please people make sure that when you buy your curtains they are long enough. There is nothing tackier than short curtains that you have to hang right at the top of your window, not a good look. Your curtains aren’t just for keeping out the light, they should be hung properly in order to give the illusion of a higher ceiling and a bigger window. *Tip: when hanging your curtain rod try to get it as close to the ceiling as possible and either have your curtains just kiss the floor or puddle (your preference).  I always love a puddle.




Priority #2 on the list: Take out the cheap generic ceiling fan and put up a light fixture that went with the space. The gross ceiling fan was always an eyesore for me; this new light fixture adds so much beauty to the room and I am beyond happy with the outcome. The light fixture was a Lowes buy that we sprayed black. Spray paint is my best friend and can be yours too! It’s a great way to save some money and achieve the look you want for less.

Priority #3 on the list: Seating! I needed somewhere to park my mama butt when the kid wanted me to read books or play with him. I don’t know about you, but this old body just doesn’t do so well playing and reading on the floor.  I found the cutest mid century modern love seat that fits perfect in the room, size wise and style wise. The best part was how excited my little was to have his “very own couch” in his playroom!

Priority #4 on the list: Was the barn door, my favorite part of the playroom re-fresh hands down! I have always wanted to install a barn door in this house since we moved in and this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. I wanted this room to be multi functional. If we have more guests than our guestroom can accommodate, the playroom is a great spot to put those guests. I don’t want those said guests to have to look at the never ending toy collection of my sons while they sleep, so insert barn door! Not only does it look amazing, I can stuff all the toys right into the closet, close the barn door, throw down the aero bed and instant make shift guestroom. Huge shout out to the amazing hubs for building me this custom barn door! You rock!

Priority #5 on the list: More baskets! Give me all the baskets for organizing all the toys! There is nothing like toys all over the room to really throw the whole interior design esthetic off. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is a kids playroom, but it is also an extension of our home and I want it to look just as good as the other rooms in the house. If you have a toy problem, there is a simple fix. Buy yourself some baskets and get to organizing those toys in a stylish way. I picked up some cute hooks at Hobby Lobby, hung them in a straight line and hooked some baskets on them. It’s a perfect way to store the toys and get the clutter off of the floor giving, if you’re my son, more room to play with your hot wheels!

Then obviously there was the décor side of the playroom re-fresh. Not really a priority, especially if you were to ask my husband, but in my book, top priority!

The one piece of décor that catapulted this whole re-fresh was the rug. I designed the room around it! The shag, the design, the fringe, everything about it just spoke to me. I feel like it brings in texture and sets the tone for a neutral palette in this room.

The cubby shelf is a piece we got as a wedding gift from my maid of honor over 5 years ago. That thing has been all over the place and decorated and re-decorated a million times. But I feel like it has found its forever home! It is so fun to display cute little figurines and greenery. I will let you in on a little secret…those figurines are not for my son, they are 100% for me! I found them on Amazon and now I have another collection going on, Shhhh…. don’t tell the hubby!

The cow print was a love at first site situation. I had originally had an alpaca picked out for this room, but when I stumbled upon this sexy guy at Marshalls, it was game over!

I added to the cow print by creating a small and simplistic gallery wall with some baskets I had in my garage and this wooden arrow. I tried to lean towards simplicity when adding décor to this room in order to not over clutter it due to the endless amount of existing toys.

I found the most glorious pillow and throw at Homegoods to add to the loveseat. The textures on the pillow and throw are the perfect combination to meld the elements of the rug with the modern loveseat.

I made a last minute design decision to move the teepee from my son’s bedroom to the playroom, and I am so glad I did. It was the perfect finishing touch to bring the room together.

Honestly I am so happy with this playroom re-fresh that I have been sitting in here in the mornings,  drinking my tea and admiring all the work that went into it. A half done, neglected room is always my favorite to revamp, giving it new life is so rewarding!  Every time I do it I always think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner”?

Now which room is next? (Cue “evil cackle”)



Products We Used:

Wooden Arrow


Cubby Organizer

Schleich Farm Animals

Schleich Farm Animals

Love Seat



Kids Chair


Cube Baskets

Light Fixture (We sprayed our black)

Barn Door Hardware

Get The Look:

Framed Animal Print

Kids Banner

Framed Quote

Seagrass Basket

Black and White Textured Pillow

Gray and White Throw With Fringe


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  • Reply Aubrey R McGee

    Where did you get the curtains? I love all your curtains!

    July 24, 2018 at 11:52 am
    • Reply Alycia Drury

      Thank you so much! These ones were from Homegoods. They offer such a great selection for amazing prices!

      July 25, 2018 at 9:20 am

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