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Design Services

GoldenBirchMama offers interior design services within, but definitely not limited to, Southern California (that’s just where I live). Im here for any budget, any style and on any platform. The opportunities are endless. You need your dog house revamped, your kids fifth birthday party styled, your toilet area freshened up (please provide masks), need help with a shopping trip to HomeGoods, want to get wild at West Elm? We are here for you. JUST ASK!

Design Consultation (the in-depth kind)

In your home, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout, from outer-space, your kids tree house, from Target. The option is yours and I’m here to please. $250 a room. 

Let Me Take the Reigns!

Give me complete and utter control of your space. Let me make your place scream YOU. You won’t have to lift a single finger or break a nail. I’ll do that part and much more for you. The price for this varies upon consultation (the free get-to-know you kind)..