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Hi, it’s me, Alycia! The face behind GoldenBirchMama!


The Short– GoldenBirchMama was born in 2016 to showcase my passion for making a house a home. I am a dedicated wife and mother specializing in antiques, vintage, DIY, bargain shopping, and everything in between to feed my soul as an interior stylist. I love knocking down walls, painting and tiling to build the foundation of the perfect space. I carefully curate pieces, old and new, to create mixed color and textures that bring my ever changing vision to life. I have been featured online in Apartment Therapy and multiple influential social media accounts.


The Long– I can honestly say I never thought I would be here; sitting at my desk coming up with content and getting ready to launch my very own blog!


I think once I gradated college, which was weeks before I got married, I never thought I would have to bring up a word document and get to writing again! So, yep, you guessed it, my J-O-B is full time mommy. I went from a part time job as an Antique dealer and Wedding stylist to my forever job as a mommy to my little guy. Nope, not a typo, you read that right, Antique Dealer and Wedding Stylist. Random combo, right?


I will always and forever be a part time Antique dealer, it’s in my blood, third generation. The whole wedding stylist thing, well that all came about when I styled my whole wedding myself and it landed on Style Me Pretty and a few other publications. I knew I loved to decorate and weddings, well who doesn’t love a good wedding? So I went out on a limb and started a Wedding Stylist and Rental business with my Mom. It was so much fun and we did a ton of weddings, but then I got pregnant. I literally missed a wedding I was supposed to style because I went into labor two weeks early (don’t worry I sent my mom) and it was pretty much C’est la vie to the company as soon as I met that little man!


It took me three months and missing his first roll over to say “I am done, no thank you”! So we dissolved the business! Here I was three years into being a wife and one year into being a mommy when we bought our first house. Fixer-upper is an understatement when describing what we purchased. No big deal I got this! We ate off of paper plates for months and didn’t even step foot in the master bedroom until a year after owing this beauty, but I am here to tell you it was the best decision we have ever made!


Through the buying and the reconstruction of this house I was able to discover my second passion in life, DESIGN. I was able to bring out my creative side in the best way possible and I couldn’t get enough. Right around my 30th birthday, when the house started to come together enough to decorate, it was game over. By October of that year I had enough push from friends and family to start an Instagram to showcase my interior design.


I had no clue what I was getting into, what I was doing, or where it would take me.


There was a whole lot of trial and error and posts that fell flat on their face, but I kept going! I can say that the community on Instagram is what kept me standing during my first year on social media. The friends I made and the groups I got involved with are and were so amazing, I don’t know what I would do without them. So here we are exactly one year and six months into Instagram and Im headed into the beginning of another incredible journey of the unknown, welcome to the GoldenBirchMama blog!